The investor made a mistake while sending bitcoins and lost $ 80 thousand.

The user mixed up the fields during the transaction and paid 3.5 BTC commission for the transfer of one dollar

The user lost more than $ 80 thousand when transferring bitcoins. He sent 0.00005000 BTC, which is about $ 1 at the current exchange rate, paying a fee of 3.49 BTC for this operation. The transaction was completed on December 19, recorded by the observer.

The investor probably made a mistake while sending the cryptocurrency. When registering a transaction, he could confuse the fields and indicate the transfer amount in the “commission” cell. It is impossible to cancel an operation on the blockchain, so the cryptocurrency is lost irretrievably. However, it is hoped that the miner who received 3.49 BTC for processing the transaction will consider it erroneous and return the funds.

A similar error occurred on November 19. Then an unknown user lost about $ 47 thousand also when transferring bitcoins. He paid a $ 195 commission of 2.66 BTC for the operation.

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